I come here for the beautiful morning light that filters in through the trees and especially in the autumn when the color is intense and wonderful. But secretly, I cannot wait for the leaves to fall so I can enjoy the soft crunch underfoot. 
Park Soalcki
Poznan, Poland 

About me


Hi, I´m Manu - the one behind the camera, trying my best as a passionate hobby photographer and videographer, in landscape, portrait and some astrophotography. Mainly sharing my work with friends via Facebook, Instagram and youtube. 

I´m originally from Switzerland, but since 2009 I`m leaving in this beautiful country Finland. I live in Vantaa, happily married and a proud dad. 

I love being outside, listen to the sounds of nature. Hiking in Nationalparks or watching towards millions of stars without any light pollution. 

Soon I will start sharing some more of my work on this page... stay tuned! 

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